Risk management for corporate innovation, startups and founders.

Company Builder in the heart of Stuttgart. A creative team of entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, strategists and corporate veterans.
Our mission is as simple as it is ambitious: We transform the casino mentality in the innovation environment into enthusiasm for risk-optimized and sustainable growth.

Our philosophy.

Conviction #01

Think like a
Venture capitalist.

We're not betting on red or black. Based on your investment thesis, we develop long-term profitable innovation portfolios. From the idea to the sustainable business model or startup, we follow strictly rational principles of action. We attach great importance to the measurability of our ventures in all areas.

Conviction #02

Plan like a

We don't see innovation as a chance product. Profitable growth through new business models is much more the result of a consistently planned and implemented strategy that we develop and implement together with you. We always keep in mind that the effort must be in proportion to the expected benefit.

Conviction #03

Manage risk like
a financial expert.

In the innovation context, risk is an inherent feature of the system. For established companies and startups alike. For this reason, we evaluate innovation projects according to the principle of a stock option. Decisions on the financing and continuation of innovation projects are made on the basis of data-supported evidence. That also means that we part with Ace-King when it is reasonable.

Conviction #04

Act like
a startup.

From one problem to many ideas. From many ideas to a few concepts. We are fast and efficient because we test your ideas from day 1 on the market and validate them using the data obtained. Our seedbox approach combines the knowledge of successful tech startups and (corporate) company builders with the security of our seedbox companies for the fast and secure development of your business capability.

Consistent idea implementer.

We are entrepreneurs with startup experience, many years of group expertise and a digital mindset - we combine entrepreneurial spirit and extensive knowledge from building and managing a large industrial incubator with an understanding of modern innovation and venturing processes. Creative ideas are our starting point - however, we always measure ourselves by their implementation!

The seedbox approach.

Are you planning to implement innovation holistically in your company?


#01 ecosystem

In order to lay the foundation for future growth with you, we do not think in terms of innovation labs, incubators or startup garages. We think in terms of innovation ecosystems, for which we create the strategic prerequisites with you. To do this, we consider internal resources such as your products and employees and place them in the context of external factors such as customers and competitors. 

#02 portfolio approach

We are not strategy consultants. Based on our experience, we know that at the beginning it is essential to set long-term, measurable goals, to develop financing models and to pursue a portfolio strategy that creates both short, medium and long-term growth.

#03 Innovation controlling

Finally, we provide you with procedural and methodological tools to eliminate the “gut feeling” factor in the course of the process. To do this, we use models for risk assessment of financial investments and transfer them to our seedbox process.

Strategy icon

Do you need support in building the business capability of specific ideas?

We provide GmbHs managed by us, in which you can act on equal terms with a free startup from day 1. We take care of the innovation risks that established companies often face major challenges.


Operate in an independent corporate shell including risk management. We also take care of all administrative processes such as accounting, controlling and taxes. 


Knowledge transfer of our processes, methods and concepts "on the fly" during workshops, coaching, our 3D sprint or incubation up to go-to-market and scaling.


Together with us we fill the seedbox with life and implement the entire process in co-creation.


We not only support with venture capital, we also take responsibility in the process up to financing capability by rigorously testing ideas and, if necessary, ending them at an early stage in terms of efficient use of resources. 


We not only develop new technologies, we also use them consistently in our processes through strategic partnerships. We are not only concerned with the current zeitgeist, but much more with the digitization of the innovation process as a whole.

Launchpad icon

Do you want to implement your own ideas according to the methods and processes of a tech start-up or company builder?


We offer a state-of-the-art innovation process from strategy and idea generation to validation, development and scaling.


Innovate icon

Would you like to reduce the risk of new business models and spin-offs through external risk capital?

We help to evaluate your ideas, to implement them until they are ready for investment, to structure them and invest with partners and investors from our ecosystem.

We know about the challenges of financing corporate spin-offs and have therefore found a model that brings added value for you, the team as well as the investors. The financing requirements of a startup cannot be adequately represented with traditional models in corporates and established companies.

Invest icon

Try to destroy your business with us before others do!

Sounds crazy? We believe that innovation should start where you know your way around best, feel safest and are equally most vulnerable: In your core business! Our business wargaming approach is the radical advance to attack and rethink your existing business model with our seedbox framework in order to create new business models and growth potential from known and unknown risks. Even outside of your core business.
Download Meeting für Seedbox Atttack


Seedbox Wargaming is an experiment. In order to take this risk together with us, we attach great importance to trust, eye level and discretion. That is why we always start with an initial workshop in which we not only want to understand your company and its ecosystem, but also openly clarify expectations. Only after we have obtained a comprehensive overall picture do we jointly decide on the goals and the specific course of the process.

Process Phase während des Seedbox Attack Projektes


Once the decision to work together has been made, our ops team, consisting of a venture architect, product manager, designer and growth manager, starts in full stealth mode until the project is completed. In this way, we ensure that the team maintains focus during the entire course of the project in order to achieve the best possible and, if necessary, surprising result for you. 

Upgrade Phase während Seedbox Attack


It's not just about showing you your weak points at the end or giving you endless Powerpoint presentations. Upon completion of the project, we will provide you with a fully validated business model for which an MVP has already been developed according to our process. Our launchpad gives you the option of risk-free market entry in order to further develop and scale the product and, if necessary, to finance it.

An extract from our ventures.

Ecommerce meets circular economy - B2C

Together with an established family company, we face the challenge of rethinking value creation holistically as a closed cycle. To this end, we consistently scrutinize every process step from product development to the return and reuse of raw materials at the end of the product life cycle. Our goal is to create a profitable and scalable business model through the use of digital technologies in addition to a unique customer experience. In order to proceed as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible, we develop the product together with our target customers. Thanks to the co-creation, we use valid data from day 1 as a basis for decision-making. 

Circular Economy Projekt - Validierung im 3D-Sprint

Digital Health Tech for Infection Prevention - B2B

With signs ° we close the gap between a possible and actually diagnosed virus infection by calculating risk factors through the early detection of symptoms. With the help of an intelligent patch, we collect constant and high-frequency temperature data over long periods of time, which are correlated with any other symptoms and converted into risk scores using AI. For this demanding task we were able to win well-known partners from the medical industry and the tech scene for us. Typical applications of our customers are employees who are in contact with high-risk persons or areas such as logistics and production, which from an economic point of view react very sensitively to sudden, illness-related failures.

Use short-term trends in times of crisis - B2B

In the first few months of the corona crisis, the market for personal and medical protective equipment suffered from unprecedented distrust. The exploded demand led to a sudden shortage of the flow of goods. Prices rose 20 times in a very short time. Product quality could often not be adequately certified by manufacturers and suppliers. Based on our core hypothesis that we could win the trust of many customers with a high-quality and sustainable product, we were able to confirm within a few weeks. In just three weeks we managed to build up the brand, delivery and sales channels. Thanks to our efficient process and a creative-entrepreneurial approach, we reached a large number of satisfied customers from different industries. With WearAndCare we have proven that short-term trends are the basis for investments in longer-term business models, an important component of an innovation portfolio.

Our partners.